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Created in 2014, Luxury Greece DMC is a high-end bespoke Travel Agency and DMC offering unprecedented knowledge of Greece and its hidden treasures. Our multilingual team has refined aesthetics and delivers services with continual attention to detail in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
We offer creative and efficient trip planning with 24/7 expert assistance for the curation of the perfect itinerary. Our insider access to exclusive venues and our extensive knowledge in private jet – helicopters and yacht chartering allows our clients to experience the country in a refined and stylish way.
All our trips are tailor made with special attention to our discerning clients’ needs including Cultural, Culinary and VIP Celebrations. Our top VIP clients (Celebrities, CEO’S, etc.) are welcomed and escorted by myself, I’m a travel aficionado with extensive knowledge and personal connections in Greece. In the past 8 years Luxury Greece has been the DMC partner of many prestigious Virtuoso, Serandipians and other Agencies from the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Deep knowledge of all hidden gems of the country and personal connections that allow our clients to have access to unique places and experiences.

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Based in the center of Athens, the heart of Greece, LUXURY GREECE DMC & TRAVEL is owned by Carmen Cordoba Founder & Director, well- known in Travel business for 35 years. We are members of the Greek National Tourism Organization “GNTO” with EOT License number 0206E60000434801.

We are proud members of  ”VIRTUOSO”, “SERANDIPIANS“, “XO PRIVATE”, affiliated networks of luxury travel designers, dedicated to providing unique and exclusive journeys to travellers looking for different and original experiences in Greece helping you have a memorable time. We are also members of: The American Society of Travel Advisors “ASTA”, the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association“IGLTA”and the Hellenic Association of Travel Agents “HATTA”.


If you’re looking for a Luxury, handcrafted, sophisticated holiday in Greece that offers a combination of beaches, excursions and magnificent scenery, or simply offers a more dramatic experience in charming nooks all together, then look no further.


Our Culinary Tours & Experiences are the result of hundred hours of research, guided tours and co-operations, leading to the some of the best experiences that Greece has to offer, fully flexible, just for you.


Luxury Greece Yachting offer crewed yacht charter in Greece and around the Mediterranean sea. We are proud to offer a wide selection of luxury charter yachts for individuals and groups, we take care of all the necessary documents at the Port Authority.

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Culinary Experience

Get ready to uncover a world full of culinary tours. Luxury Greece DMC & Travel will show you the entire secrets of Greek culinary and not only! Tsipouro, wine tasting & food tasting are the categories that we are specialized!

Greek cuisine is a set of tastes that reveals the rich cultural and culinary history. Herbs – thyme, oregano, basil, mint – are used extensively in Greek cooking, and a testimony to the great influx of Greeks from Asia Minor. To them, we owe such popular dishes as moussaka, imam baildi (stuffed eggplant), and many more dishes you will discover.

In Greece you will also come across with emblematic dishes from the Pontus – brought by Greeks from the Caucasus – such as piroshky, a warming soup (sorbas) of bulgur and yogurt. Pontic cooking is a celebration of a lost homeland, and so is the food of the refugees from Smyrna (now Izmir), who fled in a hurry in 1922 with only the clothes on their backs and their music and their recipes in their hearts, ready to transmit the knowledge of the recipes from generation to generation.

With their arrival in Greece, the country inherited a various of recipes from a culture that was more cosmopolitan than the mainland’s, with new flavorings, spices and preparations. Round kneaded meatballs (keftedes), cumin-scented soutzoukakia (meatballs with tomato sauce) and dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves and a whole range of stuffed leaves and vegetables) are a sample of the traditional recipes of Greece.

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We believe Luxury should be the priceless experience without stress, daily routine and pressure of time, where your every need is pre-empted and your every expectation is our goal to exceed.Luxury travel does not just mean only Luxury properties, comfort, opulence and luxurious amenities on offer at a destination;It is the service you receive, the knowledge of our travel designer, the curated trip, the travel tips, the journey from beginning to the end.
Every private journey should be customized with love and passion from romantic getaways, leisure travel, family holidays, fun activities with wonderful unforgettable memories.It is this attention to small details and insider’s perspective that make Luxury Greece services so special with our very talented team and a unique specialist’s network of partners Worldwide and around the Greek Islands, the Peloponnese, Northern Greece, Central Greece & Athens.

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A track-record supporting CEO’s, celebrities, and other VIPs with all travel needs. Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed.


Get in after-hours at top museums, see private Art collections and access VIP tickets and party invites at major events.


Our Travel Designers are Multilingual: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Mandarin & Japanese.


We act as dedicated key holders, unlocking the most unique experiences that the country has to offer.

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Providing the highest standards of client care means acting with professionalism and integrity at all times. That’s how our services exceed client expectations in every market, sector and location.
By delivering only the best results for our clients, we‘ll become adviser of choice in all our global markets.
Below is a partial list of our clients:

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